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!!!!11one, abraham joshua heschel, adding ™ to phrases, american sign language, ancient cultures, anti-relativism, being the mastermind, benchmade, bending paperclips, bmezine, body modification and ritual, bookwhore, brothy soups, building computers, camaros, cephalopods, cheese of all kinds, childfree, chris reeve knives, claremont graduate university, claremont school of theology, comparative religion, computers, cultural anthropology, dark humor, david bowie, david ray griffin, deaf culture, debating stuff, decriminalization, depeche mode, eating mint dental floss, eddie izzard, ending sentences with "yo", extremely caustic sarcasm, firefly, fish hooks, flesh pulling, frogs named emilio, fry's electronics, fuzzy purple hippo, getting my geek on, hay interweb friends, hypertext markup language, iam, iced earth, iced tea, indie flicks, inked skin, interfaith dialogue, jew by choice, jewelry, jewish theology, judaism, knives, lacuna coil, lame tourist traps, lan parties, lemurs in the rain, libertarianism, libraries, linguistics, logic, long skirts, m:tg, making lists, malachite, martial arts films, medical books, melodic metal, monty python, mutual mockery, my fuckin' sexy knife, mythbusters, naturalistic theism, nightwish, ninjas, obsessively creating websites, ofra haza, omgwtf, on the border, ozomatli, pain ritual, panentheism, philosophy of religion, photographing my cat, pi, pickles, piercings, pirate vs. ninja, pointybutt!, pomegranates, power metal, process philosophy, process theology, prog metal, quantum theory, r&f, r+f, rationalism, reason, religion, religion and faith, religious pluralism, religious studies, religious texts, research, rnd, sacred pain, scarves, seizure disorders, sherman alexie, shiny pointy things, shul, spirals, squid, stuffing my face, suspension, symphony x, taboo, tattoos, temple beth doom, the internetwebs, the realm, the smell of edinburgh, tl;dr, tom robbins, tony leung chiu-wai, torah, totally an intj, travel, urban legends, utilitarianism, vnv nation, weapons, world of warcraft, wuxia, www.homiegfunk.com, your mom, π, ישראל, עברית